Worldwide, companies perform better and produce better ideas when their highest ranks have gender diversity.

Newsweek, March 14, 2011

rom Roses to Rivets is an educational documentary film project which traces the extraordinary contribution of women to the workplace from the Gold Rush to the present and recounts the hard fought battles in their quest to win dignity and equality in the workplace. While the issues raised will reflect those facing working women across the country, California will take center stage as the state through the years has led the nation in championing progressive labor standards that were then embraced nationwide policies such as the eight-hour work day,the establishment of child labor laws as well as breaking down racial and gender barriers. 

  he documentary is currently in production and is slated to air in 2017. From Roses to Rivets is an HD video documentary comprised of two parts - one hour program intended for broadcast television and two extra hours of content to be made available to educational and archival institutions.

Enid Marcus - Ferry Boat Captain                                           Frances Focha - San Francisco Firefighter

Arcelia Hurtado  - Executive Director                                    Dihanna Christie - Iron Worker

Equal Rights Advocates (ERA)                               

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